3D Virtual Reality Headset by Young Explorers

A Virtual Reality Adventure for Kids Kid friendly VR headset brings worlds to life in amazing 3D, with fascinating new things to see whichever way kids turn Just insert any smartphone, and 3D Virtual Reality Headset turns YouTube videos, Discovery(TM) shows or other videos into stunning 360º panoramas Includes adjustable focus for precise viewing, phone compartment that expands to 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 , comfortable head strap and audio ports, plus free downloadable Discovery(TM) app Works with iOS and Android® phones Ages 8 + | 3D Virtual Reality Headset by Young Explorers Latest and fashionable apparel and clothing for you, Stay ahead with extravaganzas feature innovative materials, techniques, designs apparels athletic and sportswear, hats and beanies, jackets and outerwear, t-shirts and tanks, business wear, ladies and infants, pants and shorts. All you need to get you and your family on the road with b

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