100 Ultimate Blues Riffs For Piano/Keyboards By Andrew D. Gordon

A Comprehensive Guide To Some Of The Best Blues Riffs. Saddle stitch. Instructional and Blues. Instructional book and downloadable audio. With chord names, instructional text and introductory text. 79 pages. Duration 75 minutes. Published by ADG Productions (AD.ADG010-CD). A variety of trombones ranging from Bb trombones to the popular pBone, Great selection of violas in all sizes from leading brands. Free online music lesson with selected instrument, Browse fantastic range of euphoniums, bassoons, timpani, metallophones, violins, synthesizers, reeds, wooden, plastic, finger and handled castanets perfect for children and adults alike. Also find the cello instrument which is one of the larger members of the stringed family, All type of bows, whether you are a violinist or cellist, A range of flutes including standard, piccolo and harmony flutes, cymbals available in different sizes

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